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About Rebecca Makepeace-Brown

Rebecca was brought up in a valley nestled in the Welsh hills. Her mother, an ex biology teacher, working in immunology research, helped to nurture her interest in nature and science. Surrounded as they were by forests and fields, it was second nature to use the plants around them as both a larder and medical cabinet combined.

Although, Rebecca’s love of nature has accompanied her throughout her life, it was not until 2004 that her interest in Aromatherapy and Massage truly came to the fore. Her scientific background stood her in good stead when she began her studies at the highly acclaimed New Zealand College of Massage, where an in-depth understanding of the underlying anatomy and physiology was essential to the application of a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques. One of her tutors was an aromatherapist for the All Blacks; now, if the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy (or “that smelly stuff” as a male friend of hers’ put it) were enough to convince a bunch of testosterone filled blokes, then she was definitely interested in learning more …

In 2008 Rebecca furthered and broadened her skills with an HND in Complementary Therapies, adding Reflexology to her therapeutic toolbox. These therapeutic tools, along with an innate sensitivity, has given Rebecca the ability to address a wide variety of health issues and to provide empathetic, knowledgeable treatments to suit each client’s needs.

Now a fully qualified and insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, Rebecca offers both Therapeutic Massage treatments and Reflexology treatments, each of which are accompanied by an individually tailored blend of aromatherapy oils.