A – Z of Aromatherapy – introduction

Over the coming articles, I will be doing my best to open a window into the amazing potential that the world of aromatherapy holds and introduce you to some of the main characters. My challenge will be to present each aromatherapy oil as a whole, that which is more than the sum of it’s often scientific jargon filled parts, whilst providing supporting evidence of each oil’s properties.

So, who am I and why do I find this challenge so exciting?

Firstly, my name is Rebecca, and I was brought up in a valley nestled in the Welsh hills. My mother, an ex biology teacher, working in immunology research, helped to nurture my interest in nature and science. Surrounded as we were by forests and fields, it was second nature to use the plants around us as both a larder and medical cabinet combined. How many of you, as a child, upon a mishap with a stinging nettle, reached for the nearby dock leaves to rub on the sting?

Although, my love of nature has accompanied me throughout my life, it was not until 2005 that my interest in Aromatherapy was truly piqued. Whilst studying at the New Zealand College of Massage, one of my tutors was an aromatherapist for the All Blacks. Now, if the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy (or “that smelly stuff” as a male friend put it) were enough to convince a bunch of testosterone filled blokes, then I was definitely interested in learning more…

So, learning more is what I did, completing my HND in 2009. Aromatherapy, now forms an integral part of all my treatments, be it Therapeutic Massage or Reflexology. The up-coming articles will give me the chance to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained, and impart a little of the wonder that I feel at the wealth of well-being that aromatherapy can offer.

Hopefully, the articles will satisfy your curiosity, however, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, email equilibrium.therapies@yahoo.co.uk