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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to address both physical and emotional conditions. Essential oils are distilled from various herbs, plants and flowers, each having its own individual range of properties. In some respects the word “Aromatherapy” can be misleading because it suggests that it is a form of healing which works exclusively through our sense of smell. This is not the case for, apart from its scent, each essential oil has an individual combination of constituents which interacts with the body’s chemistry in a direct manner. For instance, when the oils are used externally in the form of a massage treatment they are easily absorbed via the skin and transported throughout the body. For example, neroli oil derived from orange blossom, because of its cell regenerating & circulatory properties, may be used to alleviate stretch marks, scars, thread veins etc.

Although they are tools of a gentle therapy, essential oils have the power to reach deeply into the psyche, and to both relax the mind and uplift the spirit.

Rebecca uses a range of forty different essential oils which are individually tailored to the client’s needs. These are used as an integral part of your massage & reflexology treatments and are also available to purchase separately in beautiful blue 50ml bottles ready blended with a carrier oil, to enable you to continue the benefit of your treatment at home.