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Testimonials for Equilibrium Therapies Pembrokeshire

Rebecca’s treatments are far superior to any that I have had previously. I ‘treated’ myself to reflexology and massage with her while I was pregnant and quickly learnt how worthwhile and even necessary they were. She alleviated many issues that I didn’t think could be helped and aided me on a calmer journey towards birth. She has a particularly unique combination of knowledge and sensitivity in a wealth of different practices which she uses to combine and inform her deep intuition. I learnt that she could discover issues without me even telling her and so in the end I left it to her! I felt very at ease in her presence and whole-heartedly recommend her as a holistic therapist. Thank you Rebecca you’re fab.

Sarah Poland

Hi Rebecca, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful massage you gave me.
To say I feel better is an understatement! I can deep-breathe for the first time in years… all thanks to you.

Jim Barber

I am very happy with the massage I received, it was professional and attuned to my needs, I felt welcomed into a nice atmosphere.
When I arrived my back and shoulders were so tense I could hardly move, Rebecca really worked out all the knots and pains, relaxing each muscle completely and thoroughly. When I left I felt lifted and relaxed, able to move freely.
I definitely recommend the treatment!

Seamus’een Neilson

I would highly recommend a treatment from Rebecca. She is very intuitive, dedicated and professional.
I have experienced a huge improvement after just one treatment

Lorna Hughes

Rebecca’s therapeutic massages are wonderful. I feel that the experience was tailored precisely to what I needed, with the perfect combination of aromatherapy oils and massage techniques. Rebecca’s lovely, smiley personality and professional approach made me feel very relaxed before the massage had even begun. Afterwards I felt completely stress free and as light as air. I am recommending Rebecca to everyone and I am definitely keen to book another appointment.

Holly Game

I think it is fair to say that I have always wanted to find someone who is able to do bodywork the way Rebecca does!

Usually it takes me and my body time to adjust and let in/trust another pair of hands. My body trusted Rebecca almost instantly. She holds a deeply safe and empathic space for release of trauma. Rebecca possesses highly intelligent, attuned and conscious touch. She has such a great gift for sensing (even without touch) where blockages and pain are held in the body and has a wonderful ability to MOVE PAIN AND TRAUMA OUT! While this work can so often bring up pain I really enjoy the process, it is healing with a capital H. Often I feel if I wore a hat for her massage session I would want to hang on to it. This is not to alarm, but my experience has without doubt been that each massage is a real event! After sessions I feel lighter and clearer.

Rebecca listens with great skill and compassion with a depth that can often include sensing the unconscious beliefs held that are causing physical problems. She selects aromatherapy oils intuitively, understanding intimately the intricacy and subtility of her oils and their gifts.

Anyone can go on a massage course, but those who offer massage with the skill that Rebecca does are in my experience rare. As a person I find Rebecca, humble, calm, congruent, exquisitely sensitive, generous, and a genuinely wise and compassionate being. I experience Rebecca as a woman who carries a strong sense of integrity, depth and soulfulness in her very presence and these qualities fully infuse into her work.

I feel it would be great if more people, particularly those who are wanting to consciously clear trauma from their systems knew about Rebecca. I highly recommend her…

I feel Rebecca is a healer in the true sense of the word.
With Gratitude,

Jay Sioux, Interdisciplinary Artist , P.C. Expressive Arts Practitioner
B.F.V.E.A. Flower Essence Practitioner & Producer

I will definitely be going back to Rebecca for my next massage- her work is very intuitive and her treatment room lovely and warm

Amelia Stone


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